HPC facade elements for newbuild WUR 



Wageningen University & Research (WUR) will have a new educational building. mbX will produce high-performance concrete (HPC) facade elements for the third educational building, Aurora. The facade panels will be placed on the exterior of the building as well as the atrium.

New educational building for Wageningen University

Wageningen University & Research is looking for additional facilities to offer the growing number of students the right educational facilities. LIAG architects and engineers has created a design that is flexible in every aspect. Therefore the building is able to respond quickly to changing space requirements in the future.

In addition to a large lecture hall for 225 students, the new building will also house many colloquium and practical rooms, which is important because of the increasing number of students. Moreover, the building will house lecture halls and restorative facilities. The size will cover approximately 7,500 square metres.

The core values and identity of the WUR are reflected in the design of the building. The motto: ‘Improve the quality of life’ has been translated into a sustainable building. For the facades, LIAG opted for an integral concept. Horizontal façade elements enclose the building and run through the atrium from the outside to the inside.

HPC facade elements with a specially designed pattern

mbX produces all the concrete facade elements for this project. The elements are located in the atrium as well as on the outside of the building. The elements have a cross-section of an L where the long side has a specially designed pattern. In total it concerns about 850 elements. The HPC facade elements have different functions. From passive shading, the generation of solar energy and reflection of daylight deep inside the building.