What sets us apart?

We are innovators, constantly evolving and always exploring new possibilities.

Young & driven

Smart engineering, innovative materials, and cutting-edge techniques define us.Our high-end facades are not just structures; they are architectural statements that inspire, serving as the gateway to iconic buildings. Whether it concerns shopping malls, metro stations, residential complexes or hotels, we meticulously consider architectural requirements and produce efficiently and sustainably—where every detail counts. We are young, driven, and always eager to push boundaries.


Our DNA is a shared DNA within the Concrete Valley Group. Committed to a sustainable future, we continually push the boundaries together. mbX embodies expertise, craftsmanship and innovation. We bring concepts to life, developing products and solutions that truly make a difference. We Create. Together

  • We challenge ourselves every day to excel
  • Adventure fuels us
  • Innovation is ingrained in our ethos
  • We constantly push the envelope
  • Craftsmanship mentality: we always strive for excellence
  • We embrace sporting challenges
  • Collaboration is at our core
  • We work with respect for ourselves, each other, and the environment
  • We value workplace enjoyment

By Concrete Valley Group

Founded in 2014 as a start-up within the Concrete Valley Group, mbX specialises in facades. The Group comprises seven companies, boasting over 150 employees from 19 different nationalities.

Each day, we create architectural and functional products and solutions using smart, innovative methods. We are adventurers who think outside the box. A unique combination of companies, each with its own expertise. Together, these companies form Concrete Valley.

Why mbX?

  • High-end facade builders
  • Transparency is in our DNA
  • Pioneers in a sustainable construction industry
  • Efficiency is at the heart of our production
  • Maximum design freedom
  • Collaboration yields the best solutions
  • We continually push boundaries
  • Sustainable partner