We Create. Facades

Enter our world of facades with timeless allure, where the power of architecture connects, inspires and invites you in.

Iconic facades

In a split second, you are captivated by the charm of a structure.
A marvellous sensation arises from the subconscious allure of unique shapes, beauty, contrasts, lines and scale. mbX creates iconic facades designed to instantly seize your attention —unconstrained by shape, colour or size.

  • We specialise in urban areas and high-rise buildings.
  • Our facade solutions radiate warmth and unique appeal.
  • We assist architects, developers and contractors in bringing exclusive designs to life.
  • We combine smart engineering with years of experience and expertise



Design freedom

Our turn-key facade solutions boast boundless possibilities and design freedom.We believe designers should never be limited by the materials. Guided by this belief, mbX has pioneered innovative production methods, enabling concrete elements in geometric forms. Our facades and high-quality architectural facade elements are made of glass fibre-reinforced concrete (GRC) or high-strength concrete (HPC). They are aesthetically superior, durable, low maintenance and have an extremely long lifespan.

Building sustainably

We aim to minimise our footprint across our entire operation.Sustainable development, construction and production are therefore high on our agenda. We are a young team, and we want ourselves and future generations to live on a healthy and green planet. We champion sustainable construction and aspire to create vibrant, inspiring urban spaces, but with a different approach than previous generations. For architects, developers, and contractors, the impact of our facades is clear through an LCA. It promotes a responsible building culture—an area in which we strive to lead the way. Together, we can build innovative and sustainable buildings, create ‘green’ urban environments, and make the world a better place.


We combine smart engineering with innovative techniques in our in-house production facility.


With a minimal footprint across our entire operation, we contribute to a healthy and green planet.


Excellence is our benchmark. Through meticulous finishing touches, we create facade solutions that captivate the eye.

Innovative facade projects

mbX collaborates closely with architects, developers, contractors and facade builders. We enjoy working together on innovative facade projects.