• clientLingotto Ontwikkeling
  • architectTeam V Architectuur
  • contractorJ.P. van Eesteren
  • CategoryHigh-rise facade solutions

In Amsterdam stands the tallest hybrid wooden building in the Netherlands: HAUT.mbX produced glass fibre-reinforced elements for the building’s edges and facade. With a long lifespan, the facade is durable, wear-resistant and low-maintenance. mbX’s elements, which do not rely on traditional steel reinforcement, are exceptionally thin (i.e. low-resource) due to our innovative production methods. Due to their long lengths of 3.5 m¹ per element, the HAUT elements are 30 millimetres thick and cast in a mould with a wave pattern.
In total, we supplied 2,600 m¹ of elements for HAUT and managed the entire engineering scope, including the development of the special mounting structure, through to production and installation.

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