Sustainable development and production

Next generation

Creating a minimal footprint across our entire operations.That is our ambition. Sustainable development and production are kwcentral to our mission. Our approach is guided by the policies and objectives of the Concrete Valley Group, of which we are a part. At mbX, we are a young team committed to ensuring that both our current and future generations can live on a healthy and green planet. We champion sustainable construction and aspire to create vibrant, inspiring urban spaces.

CSC Gold

Every day, we are working towards enhancing the sustainability of our production processes, striving to surpass the efforts of previous generations. Since the inception of mbX, sustainability has been embedded in our culture. In 2023, we were once again awarded CSC Gold, the certification for responsible concrete production. The Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) is dedicated to global concrete sustainability and advocates for responsible production within the industry. Both Concrete Valley and mbX have embraced this sustainable responsibility for years. Here, we believe it is essential that growth and sustainability go hand in hand without hindering each other. The requirements for this are becoming increasingly stringent, and we not only meet them but also strive to go beyond them.

Environmentally conscious building culture with MilieuPrestatie Gebouwen & LCA

Currently, a building’s sustainability is often assessed through an MPG (MilieuPrestatie Gebouwen) score, a key indicator for reducing CO2 emissions. Facades, floors, and installations are major contributors to a building’s MPG score. As a facade producer, we see it as our responsibility to make a positive impact in these areas and collaborate with others in the industry.

At the behest of mbX, SGS INTRON has conducted an environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) for our HPC (high-performance concrete) and GRC (glass fibre reinforced concrete) products. This assessment provides developers, architects, and contractors with clear insights into the environmental impact of our facades. It encourages responsible building practices, an area in which we strive to lead the way.
Together, we can build innovative and sustainable structures, create ‘green’ urban environments, and contribute to making the world a better place.We Create.

Want to know more about the sustainability of our facades? Inquire about the LCA.