mbX produces facade of residential towers KJ The Hague

With KJ, The Hague will have a new city entrance in which mbX will get a nice share. KJ The Hague will be an exciting place, with space for lots of greenery and four hundred homes spread over two residential towers, forming an entirely new and architecturally significant entrance to the city.

Contractor JP van Eesteren commissioned mbX to produce the facade elements of the residential towers. This includes the rear construction.
The elements of mbX are HPC facade elements (high-strength concrete), most of which are produced with fluting and blasted to reveal the aggregate (Norwegian marble).This creates a depth effect/shadow effect in the facade.
The building’s architecture is extraordinary. In their design, Powerhouse Company offers much more than two residential towers and, in collaboration with DELVA Landscape Architecture | Urbanism and developers Amvest and Synchroon, even much more than an attractive living environment. At the urban level, the architecture, consisting of two towers connected by a ‘valley’, makes a powerful statement that serves as a unifying element. The architecture of the KJ building blends seamlessly with the stately Hague architecture and city that forms the administrative heart of the Netherlands.